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tomorrow night. both the romney and obama campaigns have canceled scheduled events already due to sandy. so if you're in an affected area, stay inside, stay off the roads and stay tuned into msnbc. all right. now, let's turn to the final countdown. i wanted to sing that but i don't have a very good singing voice. but we're in the final days and we can all agree that the way a political candidate runs a race is important, but how a candidate closes the deal is crucial. and with just one more week left until election day, this is when the candidates' closing strategies kick in. while we've harped on battleground states, a new analysis by the associated press shows in the case to 270, may come down to 106 counties. these are counties with names like hamilton county, ohio, loudoun county, virginia, and hills bborough county, florida. they're the same ones that george w. bush won in 2004 and that then senator obama wan in 2008. these are the swing voters. and part of the candidates' closing strategy is to hit at as many of these areas as possible before election day. because the latest polls sho
. president obama's vow to track down those responsible only reminds us that in this post 9/11 era, our conflicts wither managed by the boundaries of nation states or diplomatic cables. we're not exactly sure who we're hunting for. details emerge both in reporting and from those responsible for our national security. an accurate account of what happened on that day in september is still not clear. at this point, we have only been offered a window into the current state of our national security apparatus. from we can see, it is a system that many have expanded and may have expanded beyond its capacity, preventing clear lines of communication between departments. a symptom that's infected our national debate on foreign policy. steering the conversation away from terrorism and diplomacy and straight into a game that's really just about blame. if last week's political conversation was any indication, what we will be hearing a lot of tomorrow night is bickering that sounds like this. >> i think it's interesting the president said something which is that on the day after the attack, he went t
twice. in the first two weeks of this month alone, president obama, the dnc and related fund-raising committees have raked in $88.8 million. not to be out done, mitt romney's fund-raising machine and his friends rauld in $111.8 million. what's all that cash buying? the candidates hope these dollars are going to buy your votes. in these ninl super heated days of campaigning, they are raining down e-mails on their donor lifts, multiple times every day. each message promises for a small donation, maybe 26 bucks, you can help to ensure victory for your presidential candidate. for a few dollars more, maybe 86 cents you can ensure he has a helpful majority in congress, too. what a bargain! government for sale for the low, low price of $26.86 a second. of course, these dollars don't buy votes directly, they buy fancy rallies, irritating phone calls, direct mailing and tv ads. 900,000 ads have aired in the general election race for the president so far. in the first weeks of this month, that means 112,000 pro president obama ads blanketed the air adds and 97,000 pro romney ads reache
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)